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Haere Mai-Welcome

Haora - Hours 7am - 3pm Ratu - Ratapau / Wednesday - Sunday

Ko wai matua - About us

To Maatau Haerenga - Our Journey

Atawhai Cafe is a traditonal organic cafe owned and operated by the Pearson Whanau, who are of maori descent, in the beautiful Hawkes Bay.

The cafe menu draws inspiration and flavours from Takpuna Kai - a maori diet based on what our ancestors ate. Our vision has always been to promote our culture in a positive way.

Atawhai Cafe boasts some of the best traditional cuisine in Aoteroa. Using mainly fresh, high quality, organic locally produced ingredients we create traditional delicacies that are delicious and nourishing.

Producing food in an environmentally sustainable way is what Maori have been doing for years. The team at Atawhai are passionate about the environment and preserving Aoteroa for future generations, as such the cafe is a sustainable business using recycling, composting and biodegrable packaging.

Whangaihia to tinana ki te kai organic - Nourish your body with organic kai.

Tupuna kai - Food of the Ancestors

Watch as Anaru from Atawhai prepares a delicious traditional boil up for his whanau.